Jeevawasa was founded by a core group of hotel professionals, real estate and legal advisors who have gained extensive and intensive experience in hotel’s design, developments and operations for more than 20 years. We set the hospitality industry standard of excellence as an employer, operator, and trusted partner.

Our way to success is to rely on cultivating the talent necessary to achieving exceptional performance to support the growth and advancing in development relationships. Regardless acting as employers, hotel’s operator, joint-venture partner, advisor and auditor, we strive on solving complex challenges with proven strategies that focus on increasing value and maximizing return on investment.

Our Vision

To be the most reputable hotel and hospitality management company with the commitment of the service excellence that deliver the most distinctive personalized service.

Our Mission

Becoming field leader in hotel and hospitality management company with our unique fusion of the culture and Bali’s hospitality.

Our Value


The core of our attitude are thought and action. It starts with our thinking around how we approach the world, relationships, work and other areas of life. Based on how positive we are, this will be translated into our behaviour towards people, environment, and situations.


The most memorable service is delivered genuinely from the heart. It is about striving to do better everyday and delighting our guests.


We are very serious about what we do, but we do not take ourselves too seriously. We accept personal responsibility for our actions and recognize that honesty and ethics are the foundation of our work performance and daily lives. We work hard, have a sense of ownership and put in the extra effort to get our things done.


Balinese people is famous for its humble and hospitable personality. Those personalities we apply to our leadership style in order to create a very positive atmosphere to our team as we believe from positive work atmosphere people will go beyond expectation.

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself"

Henry Ford

Ir. Made Kusuma Diputra, MT.


Made Adiguna Kusuma, S.E., M.I.H.M.

Chief Executive Officer

Suwamana Wahyu Putra

Chief Operating Officer

I Made Mustika

Director Of Finance

Anak Agung Sri Nila Kesuma Dewi

Director Of Human Resources

Ketut Natih Bagiada

Director of Operation

I Gusti Ngurah Swijana

Director of Operation

Chef Siharta

Executive Chef

Putu Gede Sulastra

Director Of Technical Service

Alit Kumbaya Suryana

Director Of F&B

Wiwik Tresnayani

Corporate Director of Sales

Ari Yuliana

Corporate Director of Revenue

Ni Kadek Dian Trisnadewi

Corporate Director of Marketing

Ni Kadek Adnyani

Corporate Spa Director

Ni Luh Putu Sutriani

Corporate Sales Manager

I Bagus Anom Adi Saputra

Corporate IT Manager

I Wayan Karsana

Creative Manager

Putu Agnes Andika

Corporate Ecommerce Manager

I Gede Yogi Pentagama

Corporate Digital Marketing

Ni Wayan Megayanti

Sales Administrator

Luh Mila Supadmi

F&A Administrator

Ni Kadek Sri Udayani

General Accountant

Supporting Sustainability

We believe in making the communities where we operate becoming better places to live, work and visit. Through volunteerism, fundraising, cash and in-kind donations, our teams are impassioned to do well and create a meaningful advantage in their communities. In addition, we work together with our connections, hotel owners, suppliers, business partners and guests to actively reduce the environmental impact of and risk to our business by constructing and operating sustainable hotels.