A great hotel in terms of high RevPar, excellent guest reviews and quick ROI is determined by how the hotel was correctly set up before it is opened and ready to serve the guests.

Jeevawasa specializes in the pre-opening of hotels, resorts, and villas with our expertise in developing, fine-tuning concepts, sales marketing strategies, finance and assets management. We will also develop hotel’s product & service concepts, feasibility studies, pre-opening plan & budget, FFE & OSE lists, recruitment and operation management plan as well as advices during project. Generally, contractors and architects aren’t too concerned about operation matters in the future, therefore the management team has a very important role to provide advices during construction.

Due to the dynamic and fast-changing hotel trends, it might be challenging to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and innovative solutions in hotel distribution and sales marketing. However, our team is more than ready, backed up with proven strategies and results to assist you to ensure your hotel project becomes a great success.